Wineglass Bay and all that…..

As you are probably aware the icon for which the area is best known is Wineglass Bay, which is on the tick list for all visitors to the area. Wineglass Bay has been rated as one of Fromer’s top ten beaches in the World. During your participation of Walk Freycinet your guide will take you to Wineglass Bay using the route starting from the Wineglass Bay lookout car park. This will take you up to the lookout, down to Wineglass Bay itself, across the isthmus to Hazards Beach and a walk back along the peninsula (in all about a 4-5hr walk). The track to the lookout has recently been vastly improved by the Freycinet National Park, and is of a quite exceptional standard.


Other Beaches Visited as Part of the Three and Four Day Excursions 

Hazards Beach  You will visit this beach as part of the Wineglass Bay circuit. This is a warmer and calmer beach for swimming than Wineglass Bay, so be sure to take your bathers.

Friendly Beaches      This is the beach that you can see from Freycinet Eco Retreat, and in particular from the Studios. It is on the east side of the peninsula and is huge. We will be accessing the property directly from this beach on Day One of both the three and four day walk options. Beautiful white sand, and practically always deserted.