The business was Eco-Certified at the advanced level for a number of years, but research has shown that our markets now expect sustainability practices to be normal for tourism businesses such as this, so we have withdrawn from the scheme. However we continue to operate the business according to the principles and philosophy of doing no harm, minimising waste, repairing, reusing, recycling and inculcating harmony with nature and fellow man.

Concern for the environment starts with the property: This is slowly being regenerated from a clear-felling exercise undertaken by the previous owner in the mid 1990’s. Whilst that logging exercise was clearly devastating for the nature on the property, it brought with it a few benefits – the main ones being the dams which number 18 in total. The other benefit today of the logging exercise is CO2 sequestration in which the young trees are particularly actively involved; It is estimated that the 1200 acre property sequesters around 2000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The property is designated “Land for Wildlife”, and today it forms a useful buffer for wildlife migrating into and out of the National Park. In establishing a tourism business on the property approximately 1.2% of the land area has been developed, which in turn supports setting aside the vast majority of the property for regeneration.

From footings to roofing, all the accommodation has been constructed following environmentally sustainable design principles. This includes being 6 star energy rated and water self-sufficient. These measures are achieved by insulation throughout the buildings, double glazing , water saving toilets and shower heads, short runs from the gas boiler to the hot water outlets, zero energy use when not occupied, low energy light bulbs and appliances, and efficient heating. The waste generated by clients is sorted and recycled or composted wherever possible, cleaning materials are largely organic, and our towels are mainly air dried. We monitor CO2 emissions per visitor night, and have the goal of reducing this over time.

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