Here at Freycinet Retreat we have an abundance of wildlife. Apart from the natural habitat which the property provides, the main attraction for them is the 15 dams on the property – many of which continued to hold water throughout periods of drought. This is also vouched for by the research team who regularly trap Tasmanian Devils here to monitor their population as part of the efforts to understand the facial tumour disease.


Typically guests here will see wallabies (both Bennetts and Pademelons), echidnas and possums (both ringtail and brushtail). On more rare occasions they will also spot wombats, quolls (both eastern and spotted tail) and devils.

One of our guests recently very kindly shared this footage he took on his i-phone of a mother and baby:

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Freycinet is a haven for wildlife, and it is particularly popular with bird watchers/spotters. Here are a few photos of just some of the birds that can be spotted at Freycinet Retreat and in the Freycinet area in general.



Not so popular with visitors, but nonetheless present here are all three of Tasmania’s snakes – the Tiger, Copperhead and Whip. All are poisonous, but don’t be alarmed as they are shy and will not approach unless provoked. There is also a great variety of lizards and skinks, including the Blue Tongue.